Importance of perfect toughness & Gravity of planets in your life:~

Dear friends ,
As U know the Horoscope of each and every person have same planetes(9), same rashi(12) and same nakshatra (27+1) but there life activities,financial positions, career, family extra are not same . Do u know why. ?…..that is due to variation of flexibility & toughness of their planets which r situated in their horoscope.

The perfect gravity (toughness and accurate flexibility) of planets situated in your horoscope give 100/% positive results in your life. Gems Stones r very important to give positive effects to your planets.

U know very well there r too much difference in the men to men’s gravities of planets. Just I want to explain about it.

Low & high gravity of gems may be effected  your live’s activities while accurate gravity of gems  will be 100% perfect gems for u.

The toughness & flexibility is calculated by the combination of degrees of your planets, nakhshatra, charan, planet is situated in which rashi. etc

Each and every planets have there own responsibilities given by the nature to your life.
Why Astrologer advise to wear gems stone because of weakness of your planets.

If The dasha-antardasha-pratyantar dasha is weak it means that time duration of your life will be panic, tensionful life, financial problem ( less income & high expenses) etc, it means the gravity of that planet is not perfect. But it is the subject of verification that is how much gravity is needed to your planets in horoscope.

In the last it is my humble request that before purchasing the gems,u must verify it’s gravity by the perfect Astrologer.

Note:- it’s fact that shopkeeper knows only prize and originality of stone but he can’t verify the gravity of your planet which r situated in your horoscope.