विभिन्न बीमारियाँ….

Medical treatment through medical Astrology:-
Medical Astrology ( treditionally known as iatromathematics) is capable to resolve any types of diseases through “medical Astrology” just like medical science.especially for chronic diseases.
It depends on time duration , i.e. it is on initial stage or old stage.
Mitron, perfect astrologer can provide perfect treatment of yr medical problems through correct kundli. Second thing is that if anyone is suffering from any type of medical problems(chronic diseases) & u r under m. treatment .
I think there is no lose to take advice by any perfect astrologer because each & every activities in our body r occurred through planets, nakshtra and rashi,s situations in yr birth chart & dasha-antardasha & gochar etc.
So it is my humble advise to consult with any capable Astrologer for best treatment of any types of diseases.